We aim to open hearts, enlighten minds, and enrich lives by bringing positivity and playfulness to homes, schools, and places of learning and working.

Our aim is to open hearts, enlighten minds,  bring positivity and playfulness in homes, schools, universities and offices


We know how it feels

• to be constantly running to nowhere.

• trying to find meaning and purpose.

• trying to earn a decent living with change to spare.

• looking for the perfect relationship.

• chasing fitness goals and falling short.


We have seen our own lives and of those around us change for the better using the methodologies we share. Our approach is customized to suit different personality types.


Having been on this journey for over a decade and learning from the best teachers and mentors, we have distilled the wisdom to bring you the best.  It's our desire to see the world a happier and more fulfilled place. We are all 'in it together'.


We offer our support to you and your team to reach the full potential and lead meaningful and fulfilled lives.



You may be

  • an entrepreneur who has hit a wall
  • an executive who feels dissatisfied with the status quo
  • a working parent who feels guilty at not being there for your children
  • a teenager going through anxiety
  • a person in a relationship who feels there is something missing
  • a single person looking for a partner
  • someone going through grief or trauma
  • or someone just looking to add a little zest to their lives.


Through our private coaching sessions we will help you overcome the road blocks that may be preventing you from living a fulfilled life. We will bring that extra zing in your life that will make all the difference.



In today's hyper connected world we cannot work in isolation. It is of paramount importance that we understand how to work in teams and understand the subtle difference between a group and a team.


Through our workshops, groups of people come together as teams with a common vision and goal.  By doing so,  creating happier and more productive workplaces.


Happier people live healthier and longer, take less time off work, are more creative, supportive and engaged.


Varying from two hour workshops to three day retreats we can customize our workshops according to your requirement.




Zig ziglar rightly said:

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."


Research shows that it takes about 2 to 3 months of consistent practice to form new habits and new patterns of thinking.  Often after our workshops people stay motivated and inspired for sometime but without a timely reminder they slip back into their old ways of thinking.

If you are serious about bringing a change in your personal and professional lives we recommend working with us for at least 2 to 3 months.

We can work out of your offices for the duration and help you to draft a long term plan that you can implement.


We are  your friends on a mission to share as much information and tools as we can to help you crack the happiness code.   We practice what we preach. If we fail, we try again and when  we succeed we share the secrets. We use tried and tested methods derived from neuro-science, positive psychology, personal experience through time spent with spiritual masters and teachers from different walks of life.


Chief Happiness Officer

I am the founder of School of Happiness and go by the moniker of Chief Happiness Officer.  A mother of a teenage daughter, I wish to live in a world where there are no boundaries. Where we SMILE - (support, motivate, inspire, love and encourage) more and judge less. Where happiness is unveiled and not pursued.


I bring a decade of personal experience and teachings of various masters to help create the world that I choose to live in.


Chief Expansion Officer

Justin Andries is an intuitive, a life coach and a performance coach.  His specialty is to quickly assess what is asking to be perfected, enhanced or altered, in life and in business, in order to allow the natural flow of potential and growth to be unleashed far faster and more organically.


All of Justin's programs are focused on getting to the authentic core identity of the person, company and/or project.


School of Happiness aims for a world where people celebrate life for the sake of life itself. Where there are no boundaries or judgments, where people love and support each other. Where happiness is not a pursuit but an unveiling.



"Selling Happiness in a Bottle" -- a smart witticism which to our pleasant surprise, gained enough momentum to take on a life of its own. The right people kept showing up, the right opportunities kept coming our way and a decade of learning, experimenting, teaching, sharing and consolidating culminated in the creation of 'School of Happiness'


Our aim is to open hearts, enlighten minds, and bring positivity and playfulness in homes, schools, universities and offices.  We collaborate with like-minded people and bring you the best of tools, teachers and techniques.  Just as a bee gathers nectar from different flowers and gives us honey, we learn from diverse teachers and share our learning.


We have learnt that real happiness comes from abiding in one’s true nature; and our true nature is that of happiness. Years and years of conditioning has veiled that happiness. Our programs assist with loosing those chimerical veils.


We aim at bringing emotional sophistication into the work place by understanding the unconscious patterns that drive us



Happiness is a skill.The more we practice, the better we get!



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